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Industry advisory hotline


Data center industry Pre-sales
(86)0755-89741234 Ext 8125
Data center industry After-sales
(86)0755-89741234 Ext 8704
PV inverter industry Pre-sales
(86)0755-89741234 Ext 8151
PV inverter industry After-sales
(86)0755-89741234 Ext 8729
Warranty service
Three stage response system for overseas after-sales service:

KSTAR overseas brands follow "along the way" step valve, based on domestic and overseas global brand promotion, reasonable and effective global customer service support and service network layout is very important part of the brand to the world, KSTAR flexible according to the requirements of the project, the corresponding project implementation and follow-up maintenance process, in order to recruit local staff and professional training, to full-time service staff responsible for the daily maintenance and project acceptance of local methods, combined with the KSTAR brand overseas offices in regional service station, the formation of local / regional service personnel service station / Shenzhen headquarters Overseas Service Center three service response system, ensure the overseas brand customer service service timely response and satisfaction.


Services include, but are not limited to, equipment on site supervision, commissioning, maintenance, inspection, maintenance, use, training, maintenance, training, technical exchange, etc..


KSTAR overseas system framework[See organizational chart]


Spare parts supply and safety stock

The project is located in the country, equipped with spare parts service point administrator, responsible for spare parts daily receiving, delivery and consumption management; while increasing the proportion of the number of spare parts inventory supply safety of the station, with regional offices (regional customer service service station) to support the Shenzhen headquarters of unified coordination and management platform, ensure overseas spare parts timely supply and turnover.

Quality guarantee period

According to the contract agreement, from the date of acceptance of the equipment installation, we provide all the products and equipment provided by the year free normal warranty.

After the warranty period, if Party A requires extended warranty or damage to equipment, our company will actively cooperate to provide paid service to the party with the most preferential price.

Name of maintenance organization, address and contact information
Service Area Email Contacts Contact number
DataCenter technical support Darren zhongrz@Kstar.com See above
Solar Inverter technical support Dillon duanxl@Kstar.com See above
Bussiness support Chris sales@Kstar.com See above
Emergency response service plan

Provide 7*24 hour telephone support service and on-site support services, telephone response: 1 hours schedule maintenance, on-site response: the provincial capital city, municipality directly under the central government and maintenance center is located downtown, 3 hours to arrive at the scene, 3 hours of troubleshooting; in 4 hours to arrive at the scene, 3 hours of troubleshooting. Other areas will be resolved within 24 hours. Special outlying areas, where possible, arrive at the user's site in the shortest possible time to solve the problem.


Global overseas service mailbox :overseas_service@kstar.com.cn

Manufacturer's technical support
All the equipment provided by the project, in addition to the generator system and monitoring system for our parts, all other equipment are KSTAR factory production and supply, and directly from manufacturers to provide the corresponding customer service service.
Liability for breach of contract

During the warranty period, our company is responsible for the corresponding maintenance labor / spare parts costs

Other plans
In view of the local high altitude areas in Burma and the special environment of high humidity and high salinity areas along the coast, we will increase the density of inspection / service visits.
For the deepening of the project early or follow-up equipment factory inspection, training and so on, if necessary, we can provide the corresponding support.