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전기차 충전기 산업

  With the development of economy, the demand for energy and resources in the world is on the increase. The world oil energy is facing a crisis, and the way of burning fossil fuels to obtain energy has led to increasingly serious environmental pollution problems. The traditional energy shortage crisis and the objective requirements of environmental protection, China's dependence on foreign oil has increased year by year.

In the energy and environmental situation is becoming increasingly severe today, electric vehicles because of its clean, energy-saving significant advantages, has become the world's countries and regions have attached great importance to the emerging industries. Pure green, high-performance new energy vehicles are the needs of the industry as a whole.

With the concept of sustainable development and the construction of resource intensive and environment-friendly society, the Chinese government has increased its investment and support. As an important combination of green transportation, electric vehicles play a vital role in the future urban construction and the development of circular economy in china.

With the rapid development of new energy vehicles market, the demand for charging piles has been greatly improved. Further promoting the construction of charging infrastructure is an urgent task to speed up the popularization and application of electric vehicles, and also an important strategic measure to promote the revolution of energy consumption.

 As an important support equipment, charging pile construction has been an important part of the development of electric vehicle industry. From the main city charging pile construction experience, equipment construction speed is not the most important index, how to let the owners more convenient, more time to charge, and provide more value-added services, has become the new direction of the development of the industry.

From the growth of new energy vehicles data, the growth of charging pile construction is still far from supporting the vehicle charging demand, the development of charging piles is still huge space.

KSTAR with green development since the core technology advantages and technical strength to boost the new energy automotive industry, and actively expand the intelligent charging and discharging, advertising and other value-added services, and to explore the interface with the mobile Internet, build the system operation platform of city intelligent charging, and the technology and service mode of replication and promotion to the company customer charging pile.

In the field of new energy charging, KSTAR is committed to the research and development of power battery health charging technology and the development of system platform. Combined with the technical advantages of high power charging pile and power battery detection, a large power charging pile for power battery health management is built. KSTAR always faces the actual needs of electric car owners, to solve the charging difficult, long charge time, low battery life, pain points, contribute to the problem, do a battery charger of the most powerful suppliers.

 At present, KSTAR products have been charging pile quickly open the market, and will continue to increase investment, the introduction of higher performance and cost-effective products, explore the interconnection technology of pile net - one of the four, lay the foundation to build the energy Internet operating platform. To allow owners more convenient, more time to recharge, for the electric car to provide strong support for low carbon smart travel.

KSTAR electric vehicle charging technology expert leader.