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Cai Yanhong has been Recognized By Shenzhen Regulatory Bure

       Recently, Shenzhen Regulatory Bureau, China Securities Regulatory Commission issued the Decision on Recognizing Board Secretaries in Listed companies in Shenzhen Who Actively Promoted the Standardization and Self-Discipline of Such Companies and the Staff Responsible for Securities Affairs in 2015, and publicly recognized 43 excellent board secretaries in listed companies, including Cai Yanhong, the Board Secretary of Shenzhen Kstar Science & Technology Co., Ltd.; Tan Huajie, the Board Secretary of VANKE; Cui Jie, the Board Secretary of Cofco Property.

       So far, Ms. Cai Yanhong, the Board Secretary of Kstar, has received this honor in three consecutive years. Consecutive receipt of such heavyweight public recognition is not only a special praise of Ms. Cai Yanhong who performs her responsibility as the Board Secretary conscientiously and scrupulously, but also a full affirmation of the honesty and self-discipline and healthy development of the company in capital market. Standing out from the numerous excellent board secretaries from so many listed companies and obtaining consecutive recognition from the supervision agency is a full affirmation of the quality and professional integrity of Ms. Cai Yanhong and is also the result of standardized management made by the leaders of the company and the unity and self-discipline made by all colleagues of the company.

       As the bridge between the listed company and the securities supervision agency and between the investor and the market, the Board Secretary not only represents the image of the listed company but also promotes the standardized operation of the listed company in capital market, and plays a positive role in the development of Chinese capital market. As the image of the company, Ms. Cai Yanhong, the Board Secretary, took the board office as the window, actively interact with investors through a variety of channels and ways such as interviews on the reception site, investor hotline, performance explanation meeting and easy interaction platform, increased the investors' knowledge of the company, enhanced the investors' confidence in the company and ensured the fairness of the disclosed information in strict accordance with relevant regulations. She never disclosed significant unpublished information in any investor management activity in violation of relevant regulations.

       The investor management work is consistently praised by the supervision agency, investor and media. A good image of the company is built in capital market. Meanwhile, Ms. Cai Yanhong promotes the continuous improvement of the standardized operation level of the company in terms of company information disclosure, investor relation management, honesty & compliance, investor return and corporate governance, especially in term of information disclosure, Ms. Cai Yanhong performs the disclosure of relevant information in a true, accurate, complete and timely manner in strict accordance with relevant regulations so as to ensure that all investors obtain the information of the company equally. Since listing in 2010, the company is assessed as A in the information disclosure assessment of Shenzhen Stock Exchange in four consecutive years, becomes one of the first batch of pilot listed companies in the Direct Channel for Information Disclosure program and one of the first batch of pilot listed companies which set up the information disclosure committee. Moreover, Ms. Cai Yanhong also promotes the company, as a public company, to go ahead in the development of capital market with respect to the standardization level of information disclosure and transparency.