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MEMOPOWER PLUS II 6-10kVA is new generation single phase UPS. Output factor is up to 0.9. It can supply reliable power to data center, crucial load, meet the high reliability of customer for UPS, It is with high efficiency and can supply comprehensive power protection for user.
General Features

● Online double conversion

● No output transfer time

● PFC technology

● Full digital control (DSP)

● Output power factor: 0.9

● ECO function

● Charging/Rectifier/Inverter fully digital control technology

● Optimization battery group, the quantity of battery : 16/18/20 pieces (optional)

● Wide input voltage range: 120~276Vac

● Wide input frequency range: 45~55Hz/54~66Hz±0.5Hz

● Self-testing when UPS startup

● Input over/under-voltage protection

● Automatic bypass

● DC start

● Communication port: RS232 , USB

● Options: SNMP card / Relay card

Technical Specification
Capacity (VA/Watts) 6K/5.4K 10K/9K
Nominal Voltage 220/230/240Vac(L+N+PE)
Operating  Voltage Range 120~276Vac
Frequency Range 45~55Hz/54~66Hz±0.5Hz
Power Factor ≥0.99
Bypass voltage range 220V: +25%(optional +10%,+15%,+20% )
Bypass voltage range   230: +20% (optional +10%,+15%)
240: +15% (optional +10%)
Min. voltage: -45% (optional -20%,-30%)
Bypass frequency range  Frequency protection range:±10%
ECO range  Same as the bypass
Harmonic distortion (THDi) <3%(100% linear load)
Generator input Support
Output Voltage  220/230/240Vac
Power Factor 0.9
Voltage Regulation ±2%
Frequency Line Mode ±1%/±2%/±4%/±5%/±10% of the rated frequency(optional)
Bat. Mode 50/60(±0.1)Hz
Crest Factor 3:1
Harmonic Distortion (THDv) ≤2% with linear load 
≤5% with non-linear load 
Efficiency >93.5%
Battery voltage Optional Voltage: ±96/±108/±120Vdc
Typical recharging time 6~8 hours (to 90% of full capacity)
Backup time Long run unit depends on the capacity of external batteries
Estimated remaining time displayed on the LCD
Charging current  Maximum current 10A; Charging current can be set according to battery capacity installed.
Transfer time Utility to battery : 0ms; Utility to bypass: 0ms
Overload Line Mode Load≤110%: last 60min; ≤125%: last 10min; ≤150%: last 1S;>150% turn to bypass mode
Bypass Mode 40A(Breaker) 60A(Breaker)
Short circuit  Hold whole system
Overheat Line Mode: Turn to Bypass; Bat. Mode: Shut down UPS immediately
Battery low Alarm and switch off
Self-diagnostics Upon power on and software control 
EPO (optional)  Shut down UPS immediately
Battery  Advanced battery management 
Noise suppression Complies with EN62040-2
Audible & Visual alarms Line failure, Battery low, Overload, System fault
Status LED & LCD display Line mode, Backup mode, Eco mode, Bypass mode, Battery under voltage, Battery bad, Overload & UPS fault
Reading on the LCD display Input voltage, Input frequency, Output voltage, Output frequency, Load percentage, Battery voltage,
Inner temperature & Remaining battery backup time
Communication interface USB,RS232,Parallel port, SNMP card/Relay card (optional)
Operating temperature  0℃~40℃
Storage temperature -25℃~55℃
Humidity range  0~95% (non-condensing)
Altitude  < 1500m
Noise level <55dB
Dimension W×H×D (mm) 443×131×580(3U)
Net weight (kg)   23 25
Safety   IEC/EN62040-1,IEC/EN60950-1
EMC IEC/EN62040-2,IEC61000-4-2,IEC61000-4-3,IEC61000-4-4,
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